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Forensic Comparison Microscope


Forensic Comparison Microscope

Forensic Comparison Microscope


WBY-12B Seizure Marks Examination Comparison Microscope
1. The total magnification: 8.4X-108X; definition is up to 2000NA;
2. Objective: 0.7X-4.5X continuous adjustable;
3. Objective Viewing field: φ1mm-φ220mm;
5. With anti-miscellaneous-ray mask around samples, facilitate the observation of large samples;
6. Have 254, 365nm UV source (with full-cover protective device), infrared and visible light reflection and transmission light source, φ10mm fiber-optic cold light source.
7. With the reflection angle, azimuth adjustable air-cooled reflector light source, to facilitate variable optic ink, to observe holographic anti-counterfeit identification documents, samples and other instruments;
8. Multiple sets of measuring devices: WBY software can measure the distance, angle, perimeter, area.
9. Area of objective stage: 240mm×150mm; movement range: Horizontal movement 80mm, longitudinal movement54mm, vertical movement54mm; inclined range: 0°-90°, adjustable; linking-up range between two objective stages: 54mm, longitudinal range 180mm.
10. Front of the camera’s filter system: 400nm-1100nm multiple sets of multi-band Changtong round tablets;
11. Powerful image analysis ability, two images strike absorbance and reflectance degrees simultaneously, analyze the sample’s composition.
12. Comparison of dynamic images and static images in real time.
13. Visual observation, video and photography work independently. And also visual observe and video synchronously.

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