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Veterinary hematology analyzer YSVET0302, Alat Analisis Darah Ternak Sapi, Lembu, Kambing, Domba, Kuda, Kucing, Anjing&lt, kelinci dll

Veterinary Hematology Analyzer YSVET0302, Alat Analisis Darah Ternak Anjing, Lembu, Sapi, Domba, Kuda, Kelinci, Kucing

Veterinary Hematology Analyzer YSVET0302, Alat Analisis Darah Ternak Anjing, Lembu, Sapi, Domba, Kuda, Kelinci, Kucing

Berikut salah satu alat Laboratorium ternak, yaitu berupa alat analisis darah ternak, bisa digunakan untuk ternak Sapi, Lembu, Cattle, Kambing, Domba, Kuda, Kucing, Anjing, Monyet, Kera, Tikus, Babi, Kelinci dll. Simple dalam pengoperasian, mampu menganalisis darah ternak dalam waktu singkat. Sangat cocok digunakan untuk laboratorium (lab) ternak/peternakan, Lab Biologi, Dinas Peternakan, Karantina Hewan, Lab Farmasi, Lab Hewan Percobaan, Lab Kedokteran, Klinik Hewan Piaraan (Veterinary Clinic) dll. Untuk pemesanan silahkan hubungi Dita Himawan Sucipto 081317526565

Product Type: Hematology Analyzer
Place of origin: China
Vet hematology analyzer YSVET0302

YSVET0302 hematology analyzer is 3-part differentiation of WBC. It is advantaged at digital technology, auto-relocation separatrix, intelligent flush, dual measuring technology (with time and volume) to ensure precise of the test results

Advanced Technology

Unique sweep flow technology to avoid recounting

Auto-relocation separatrix to exact the differential of WBC

Intelligent PLT histogram fit technology to improve the precision of PLT

Auto sample probe cleaning

Auto standby and wakeup

High voltage burn, soaking and flush clog with real time monitor

Automated, Safe, User and Environment friendly system

Embedded sample processing and measuring unit

Automatic absorb sample, ≥40 samples/hour

Auto input three reagents and with liquid sensor to alarm low reagent

High voltage burn, soaking and flush clog with real time monitor

Automatic internal and external sample probe cleaning

Adjustable sample probe for various cuvettes

Technical Specifications

Methodology: Electrical resistance for counting, Methemoglobin cyanide method and Cyanide SFT method without

Parameter: 3-part differentiation of WBC

20 parameters + 3 color histograms (WBC/RBC/PLT)

Sample volume: Venous Mode: 9.6μL

Pre-diluted Mode:20μL

Operation mode: Windows operation system with keyboard and mouse input

Throughput:≥40 samples/hour, 24 hours work with auto standby

Storage: 12,000 sample results inclusive of the histograms

Species of animals: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cattle, Goats, Monkeys, Mice, Pigs, Chooks, Rabbits and four user defined modes.

Quality control: X-B, L-J curve, SD, CV

Calibration mode: Manual calibration and auto calibration

Display: 8.4” LCD, resolution: 640×480

Information: Multiple input methods

Interface: 2 × USB, 1 × parallel (for external printer), 1 × VGA (for external monitor), 2 × PS/2, 2 × RS-232(for network);

Work environment: Temperature :15℃~35℃; humidity :10%~90%

Power supply: AC100-240V 50/60HZ

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Codes: yue-shen

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