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Alat Analisa Koagulasi Darah (Blood Coagulation Analyzer), analisa Pembekuan (Penggumpalan) Darah

Alat Analisis Koagulasi Darah, Blood Coagulation Analyzer, alat analisis pembekuan (penggumpalan) darah

Alat Analisis Koagulasi Darah, Blood Coagulation Analyzer, alat analisis pembekuan (penggumpalan) darah

Berikut ini adalah alat yang digunakan untuk analisis Koagulasi (pembekuan, penggumpalan darah), sangat cocok untuk laboratorium kesehatan di rumah sakit baik pemerintah maupun swasta, laboratorium medis, lab kesehatan kerja dll. Detail mengenai alat bisa dilihat berikut ini:

 4 channels (4 durable LED detectors for 4 different parameters analysis)
 Easy Windows operation system with touch screen or mouse, large LCD display
 Advanced scattered light principle and percentage analysis ensure accurate results
 Low reagent consumption
 Large memory, up to 10,000 results can be stored
 QC and calibration program incorporated
 Multiform result output including patient comprehensive report
 Auto power-on self-check
 Electronically-linked pipette optional
Technical Specifications:
General Descriptions
Principle:Scattered light with percentage analysis
Test Channel:4 channels
Light Source:Durable LED detector
Test Time:Normally 20~60 secs, Maximum time up to 600 secs
Sample position:24 positions
Reagent position:6 positions (1 magnetic mixer included)
Minimum Reagent Consumption:25μL for TT, FIB, PT, APTT
Memory:10,000 test results
Interface:RS-232, PSTN (optional)
Display:6” LCD
Input:Touch panel or mouse
Output:External printer (optional)
Power supply:AC 110-220V±10%, 50~60Hz
Net Weight:8 Kg
Dimension L×W×H(mm):410×310×160

Code: Nicesound

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