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Alat inseminasi buatan (inseminasi manusia, Inseminasi Bayi Tabung, Inseminasi Ternak, Inseminasi Sapi)

Alat inseminasi buatan (inseminasi manusia, Inseminasi Bayi Tabung, Inseminasi kehamilan, Inseminasi Ternak, Inseminasi Sapi) sangat cocok untuk digunakan di balai inseminasi buatan baik untuk tujuan penelitian pencarian bibit unggul ternak seperti sapi, domba, kerbau maupun hewan langka yang dilindungi.

Selain itu juga sangat tepat untuk digunakan sebagai alat inseminasi manusia di klinik inseminasi bayi tabung, mempermudah proses inseminasi, mempertinggi tingkat keberhasilan inseminasi, menurunkan tingkat kegagalan sehingga menurunkan biaya inseminasi buatan (harga inseminasi)

Untuk detail product Feature dan spesifikasi bisa dilihat di bawah ini:

Product Feaure TransferMan NK 2

‡‡ I ntegrated coarse and fine manipulator with proportional
control via central joystick
‡‡ Work range: 20 mm per axis
‡‡ Programmable Z-axis limit for defined injection level
avoids capillary breakage
‡‡ A utomated Home function for rapid capillary exchange
‡‡ Precise and graduated adjustment of toolholder for
bent holding and injection needles
‡‡ Ergonomic adjustment of work radius with turn dial
‡‡ R ecall of three stored radii (coarse/fine/extrafine) at the
press of a button
‡‡ Storage of three independent work positions
‡‡ Menu-controlled programming via display
‡‡ Storage and recall of user profiles
‡‡ External control for automatic processes
‡‡ Can be adapted to all common microscopes

Product features of TwinTip-Holder for TransferMan NK 2

‡‡ For special manipulation techniques e.g. polar body
‡‡ For independent control of two capillaries on one
TransferMan NK 2
‡‡ Control via Piezostacks


The TransferMan NK 2 combines simplicity and innovation in
a user-friendly system that satisfies even the most sophisticated
user requirements. Precision proportional kinetics allows intuitive
operation. Smart functions such as storage and recall of
positions allow the most complex micromanipulation techniques
to be carried out rapidly, easily and precisely.


– Micromanipulation of suspension cells
– Transgenic animals
– Pronuclear injection
– ES cell transfer
– Nuclear transfer
– Reproductive medicine
– Biopsy techniques, e.g. PGD or polar body biopsy

Workstation for ICSI or ES cell transfer
2 x TransferMan NK 2 micromanipulators with CellTram Air and CellTram vario microinjectors, shown with
Olympus® IX 71 microscope.

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